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Since the beginning of our little company in 1978, when I was just a sophomore in High School navigating puberty in an all-boys Jesuit school, we have retained an open, mutually beneficial to the corporation and the travel agency, airfare audit. But like much, it has been abused and misused by some TMC's who feel compelled to add work processes and resources to impact the results. They do not embrace the ideals of performance improvement and quality processes, and rather are driven by short term results at the expense of long term effectiveness and performance.

So, during some quality discussion internally, we devised the transparent audit. While we looked for ways to obtain a corporations PNR's without a TMC knowing anything about it, we could not. So they know we are looking, but they have no idea when. They are simply provided any information from their corporate client as to what we might be looking for. In fact, some travel buyers have only said we are auditing against the policy.

Now, I must profess, we have two distinct camps of TMC's that have expressed their opinions about this. For one group, we are Darth Vader, and we work for the dark side. The other side sees us as a partner in the improvement of their processes and procedures to deliver quality services and rates to their clients, which is what we want to be.

Those that do not think highly of us, well, are relentless in their roadblocks - constantly making it difficult and unreasonable for us to evaluate actual performance for the betterment of travel all over the world. These are the TMC's that talk behind our back. They say bad things about us.

And in the end, I say, give us a chance. We are not that bad - and will deliver as we promise. Whether you do an open or transparent audit - or something in between, we are here for you. Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from many of you!

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