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The power of facts drives a better travel program, not one based on theory or hypotheticals. Why make your travel reservations one way or another? Because you "feel" like it makes sense? What about the alternative facts created by control freaks who act like they know it all, but in reality, do not? Should the desire to control things dictate how or what you do based on your own perceived value proposition?

Today the distribution of travel alternatives is achieved in three ways: the traditional GDS channels, the Internet via third parties and the Internet via self distribution (company branded sites). For a moment we shall discount the new alternative channels being touted until they obtain more traction. So, three ways airlines, hotels and others can sell their products. In a corporate program generally the GDS is your main source of information and internet is ignored.

That is where we come in. Topaz can make sure you are doing everything you can to create the best program for your travelers. Based not on feelings, but on facts. Did your official channel in fact do better than other channels out there? I would bet so, but you can't just say it did. You need a third party to help you. Then you can send out this communication to your travelers - "Here are the facts. An independent assessment proved what we are telling you. So please, go back to work and stop obsessing over travel." Your travelers are not being paid to search for travel alternatives.

End of story.

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