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Too often in the business travel industry we rely on and make decisions based on survey data. This is unfortunate, unless you are asking perceptions or feelings or emotions. For example, how did you feel when you first boarded that airplane? Was it good or was it bad? How was your experience when you called your TMC? What did you feel when you first entered your hotel room? Those are emotional questions.

They are your feelings and perceptions. They are important but there is no clear measurement for emotions or feelings. This is simply how you feel. They should not be used for measurable data points.

When you ask someone what they paid for an airline ticket, or you rely on survey data for specific data points, you are now venturing down a poor business practice path. What you want is real data - data that is actual and not perception. Is your data real, specific to business travel and broad enough to include various sources? How narrow and how broad is your data? A few small agencies? Not so good. Is it a mix of business and leisure travel? Bad.

The point you must remember is this - know your data - understand its source - and then when you use it, you will be a better business person as a result. When using survey data, what is the probability that someone is not telling you the truth? That is the sign of something that is perception. You cannot prevent lies from happening in survey data - which is what I do every time I fill one out. Sorry, I like to play survey games. But think about this whenever you read something in the news - how real or not is the data?

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