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In a new and exciting opportunity, for the first time in history, Topaz will be certifying TMC's to ensure they have quality processes, effective productivity and tested abilities to find the lowest fares for their customers.  With no other firm providing such certifications, this new service will be a true value add to the travelers and corporate clients of any TMC worldwide.

We will review the work processes, determine if corporate policies are documented correctly and easily read and understood by travel counselors, and we will review actual PNR's to make sure processes are being followed that result in the right airfares for their customers.  This is not a pass fail but rather an independent review of the work process to make sure your TMC is providing the best possible service in the most efficient manner.

So give us a call today to learn more about what we can do to get you certified.  For a limited time, get certified now and you will be valid throughout the end of 2018!

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