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It can be hard for a small business like Topaz to reach new clients - but we have a large network of clients and friends around the world that like what we do, and some might even love sharing what we do with their industry friends.  But how do we repay you?

Typically corporate rules do not allow us to give you compensation - so we thought maybe your favorite and most valued charity should benefit from your goodwill.  

So beginning today for every client you refer that ends up doing work with us at Topaz, we will make a donation in your honor to the charity of your choice.  I hope this small gesture will not only help those in need, but will make us all feel a little better about ourselves.  Too often we forget that people need to help people.  So keep us in mind - we have lots of new services that have come out recently and more coming in the next week that are all designed to help your program be the best it can be.    

Now go tell someone about Topaz and get a boost for your favorite charity.   Have a wonderful day!

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