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So you are heading off to Boston for the GBTA Convention and you have some free time. So what should you do?  Well first, you should reach out and hear about the new things we are doing at Topaz - but you can do that during the day while you are working at the convention. Meeting old and new friends is where the most value will come from during this time away from the office.  Then, you should consider these top ten things to do while you are in Boston!  

10. Go to the Museum of Science - especially if you are into understanding more about anything science or just want to be a kid again.  

9. Visit Faneuil Hall - quaint shops and bars near the waterfront is a good place to escape. But more than that, imagine this is where Samuel Adams rallied the citizens of Boston to the cause of independence from Great Britain and George Washington toasted the nation on its first birthday.  

8. Walk the Freedom Trail - historical buffs will learn about how Boston played a role in the early years of our history as a country.  Want more information?  Get a guide. They can point out everything that is important - like the old North Church and the old State House.

7. Explore the Museum of Fine Arts - A wonderful collection of fine art from all around the world, just in the shadows in the hallowed Baseball hotbed of Fenway Park.  Imagine a young Brad Seitz living in this neighborhood during his college days, always behaving himself.  

6. Journey to Harvard Square - I was never smart enough to get into this fine academic institution, but many of the brightest minds of the world attend school here as young adults and leave leaders.  And while you are there, visit Mr. Bartley’s Burgers - worth the walk.  

5. Make Way for Ducklings! - This timeless children’s book was set in the Boston Common, near one end where the pond and swan boats make their home.  Take a walk - enjoy the respite from the city and take it all in.  Also, I bet you smell something odd as you walk around.  

4. Walk Down Newbury Street - from the end near the common, down to Mass General Hospital, you have a quaint New England row of old and new, shops and restaurants.  

3. Adventure to Beacon Hill - and while there, venture up Beacon Hill, where at the top the state house sits.  Once again, two of my college years were spent living in this neighborhood, and I always felt this sense of history all around me.  

2. Stroll the North End - A place where Italian Immigrants came and settled in the 1630’s, it is known as Boston’s oldest residential communities.  Prince Macaroni started here.  Oh and the Italian food?  Magnifico!  

1. Eat Seafood - I am sure you can see the Atlantic Ocean, but what you probably cannot see are the fishing and lobster boats that leave the shores of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine each day bringing back some of the best seafood in the world.  Fresh and awesome, make sure you experience some while you are here!  

We look forward to seeing you and please feel free to reach out if you need any suggestions or advice.

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