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When you are a planner, and a person that thinks of outcomes so that you are prepared, the one outcome that you did not think of and comes out of nowhere is the one that takes your breath away.  It makes you stagger backward, wondering what just happened.  Well, that happened to me last month.  

As you may remember I was venturing out on my own, starting a new company and a new life.  Agilis was designed to leverage what Topaz had done for so many years and make corporate travel programs the best they can be.  

And then…..WHAM!  

Due to an unanticipated employee departure and seeing no other option, it was time to think fast and adapt.  I realized the best thing I could do was to take Topaz back. So, I am now the Chairman of Topaz as well as the founding partner of Agilis, doing what I love and driving positive changes in the industry.  I am talking to new people, forging alliances and opportunities, and making both companies the best they can be.  

At Topaz, Michele Simon and Wendy Cofer continue to be the foundation of the company, running it each day.  They can answer most any question about the opportunities that Topaz offers, and helping to answer all your questions.  I will offer strategic advice and guidance to them when needed.  

On the other front, I continue to be the person leading Agilis.  Over the next few weeks, I will be changing the model for Agilis, to better fit this new reality, adjusting some of the services Agilis offers, while still focusing on the ideal to make travel programs more agile and of higher quality.  These are opportunities for you, our valued clients, to continue down the road to developing a world class travel program.

So we are here and ready to serve.  Next month, both Michele and I will be in Boston at GBTA and ready to meet with you.  We will share some new products and services we will be offering from both companies, and will be happy to discuss just about anything that is on your mind.  

Thank you for reading and thank you for your continued support.

For more information on Topaz please contact: 

Michele Simon                                     Wendy Cofer                   
Director of Client Services                    Director of Operations         
P:  503.622.8971                                P:  503.766.5705

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