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With International Women’s Day tomorrow, it has given me reason to reflect on Topaz and our history.  Topaz was founded in 1978 by Jeanne Thompson Smith, a pioneer in the travel industry.  Like a lot of companies in travel, Topaz has been a company of mostly women and currently 90% of our staff is women.

This year marks my 26th anniversary with Topaz and like me, many of our employees have been here for over 20 years.  Being with a company so long means many of us have experienced major life experiences together; weddings, motherhood, empty nesting, elderly parents and even deaths.  It also means the company itself has experienced many highs and lows starting with the deregulation of the airline industry which ultimately created Topaz.  We have survived 9/11 and the great recession and continue to be here to support our clients with the same principles inspired by Thompson Smith.

And so on this day, I am filled with deep respect and appreciation for the women that have gone before us as well as my colleagues and the friendships we have created over the years and the hard work and dedication that has made Topaz the company it is today.

Tricia Wischmann

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