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Don’t we live in an odd world?  There is so much to talk about, yet so little to talk about.  I imagine a lot of my readers were waiting for me to comment on the state of the travel industry and politics in America.  But I have a hard fast rule:  I never talk about politics nor religion.  It has served me well over my lifetime.  

However, I am completely intrigued by how leaders of big companies are talking about our government.  From Under Armour, to Marriott, to General Electric, they are all straddling a very fine line.  There are companies like Nordstrom and Burlington Coat Factory, Starbucks and Tesla, and even Facebook and Twitter that may be taking sides and maybe not.  Some supportive, some not, but most not really sure what to do.  

And what does this all do to travel?  

Only time will tell.  But I tell this to most of my family and friends, there is nothing any of us can do about the chaos.  I mean we can protest those things that we are against, but in the end, we are limited by what we can do.  We must rely in the US on courts and lawyers to challenge directives and keep within our laws the things that affect us.  

But leaders of much larger corporations are straddling a fine line - keeping the peace around them.  Keep the peace with the customers and the President.  Fear of a wrath of twitterisms has corporate leaders worried big time.  I will not even surface on his radar - but what benefit do I get from ranting or commenting on anything political?  


So I will not.  We are an apolitical company that tries to serve all clients.  Should you wish to debate this with me, well, you are free to try, but I will not be tempted by the discourse.  In the end it does not serve any of us - nor our objectives in business.  It only serves to make us all angry.  

Thanks for listening and have a wonderful weekend.

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