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I am wondering if we can ever get beyond "lowest price" and rephrase it to be the "best price." Let me explain.

There should be an ideal value for any trip taken on behalf of your corporation. Valued decisions are made all the time in our everyday lives. How often have you gone into a retail store and found something that was of interest to you. Now, many times, you may be moved to want that item at any cost - but most often you put a value on that item. Then, if the real cost is at or below that value, you will most likely buy it - if not you continue walking.

So what is the true value of a person traveling? Is it the cost per hour? Is it the cost of a plane ticket? Is it simply the ability to book your own trip? Is it the cost of expense reporting? What is the total cost of taking that trip? The short answer is yes.

We have a unique assessment tool that will look at factors impacting travel in your company - taking into account all these factors to determine what the most effective way to travel is. If you could travel business class, would that make you so happy, and have such a wonderful life at home, that your performance at work would excel? The cost of business class travel may be offset by your increased performance - making it a small price to pay for business success.

We have too often focused on the little things at our companies - but if you put them all together and you could have something a lot better working for you and your firm. In a couple of weeks I will write about airfares and what we can do at Topaz to help you find the correct fare - not always the lowest!

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