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This is not a perspective on 2016.  These are thoughts I have had while traveling and while sitting at my desk.  I have not written much the past few weeks, but it has allowed me to gain a better perspective on me, and the world around me.  

 EU Privacy Shield:  Topaz is finally approved for the new EU Privacy Shield. Only took a few months and a lot of back and forth on a few words but who would have expected less from the federal government.

 Facebook:  I have departed the platform, deleting my account and everything about me.  It was no longer fun nor rewarding.  If you would like to get to know me better, let’s sit down and talk sometime.  

 U.S. Election:  Once again, our election has demonstrated how truly divided our country is.  Rather than focus what is good and right about our freedoms, it unearthed the nasty and bad.  I am surrounding myself with those who put differences aside and focus on what we have in common.  

 Secret Flyers:  I want to be a secret flyer.  I want to work for an airline and critique how everything is working from the minute you interact with an employee to the time you depart the airport.  Hire me.  

 Hotel Indiscretions:  When you charge more to park a car than the car rental itself costs, and do not offer self parking, you are never getting my business again.  When you offer “snacks” in your room like a Snickers bar, but in print so small you cannot even begin to read, it will cost you $18 to have it delivered, you are never getting my business.  When that $20 snickers bar includes a caveat that you cannot cancel your order once you make it, you are never getting my business.  This is being violated.  Any guesses who did this?  

 Slimy Car Rental:  I recently rented a car, and went to a Kiosk to “speak” to a live person.  They then said they were happy to put me in an upgraded Mercedes. Wow, that is nice, I thought, because there was never a mention of an additional fee until I was required to approve my charges.  My $120 rental for four days increased to $600.  I said no, then she attempted to put me in a Lincoln.  I said, stop, put me the car I reserved.  I now hate renting a car.  I also will never use this company again. Any guesses who did this?  

When does it take longer to taxi to the runway than the actual flight time? Chicago to Milwaukee.  25 minute taxi, 20 minute flight, and I was still offered a cocktail in first class.  That was nice - but quite the juggling act by the flight attendant.  I sucked down that buffalo trace.     

Meals in the United Club:  I think the airline clubs are really kicking it up a notch. At the United Club in Chicago, they are offering some limited meal selections for their members.  I like that.  

 Packing Cubes:  Yes or No?  

 Book v Ebook? 

 Wine:  You should become a “member” of WTSO, Wines ’Til Sold Out.  Get the App. But be warned it can be addicting.  If you drink wine and want to try some new ones, this one is pretty fun and cool.  They only sell one wine at the time until it is sold out. And look out for Cyber Monday next year because they only sell Magnums.  I bought four of those monsters.  

 Presentations:  Remember a few things when you have to present.   Be passionate about the subject.  Understand the subject.  Do not talk about yourself.  Do not read - just talk.  I learned the hard way how if you do not do these four things, your presentation will suck.  

 Finally, suggestions for the last month of the year: 

a) Go dance, and dance like no one is watching.

b) Go buy something and give it to someone you do not know.  

c) Have as many meals with friends and family as you can.  And have lots of wine.  

Until 2017, have a wonderful holiday season!  

Now it is time to think about my predictions for 2017!

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