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10. Because you should rejoice in the fact the presidential election is over and you can start spending money again!

9. Even if you audited last month, you should always check and verify, so start scheduling for 2017 today.

8. Starting in 2017, I will stop sending these emails out unless you are a paying client.

7. TMC's - it is time to check your performance against the interweb and prove you are better.

6. We can monetize policy changes by determining what the cost or savings will be as a result of changes.

5. Using the results of an audit to get your travelers to stop complaining is worth it.

4. Expense Report Audits are the final opportunity to halt leakage in your program by understanding what is actually being paid.

3. Travel Program and Productivity Audits are attention grabbers when speaking to C level executives.

2. We do Hotel Audits better and at less cost that anyone in the marketplace.

1. Because, trust me, your travel program is not as good as you think it is unless you audit!

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