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Quite the provocative headline, right?

I did that to demonstrate a fear I have about always believing what is said. Attempting to fact check statements from a completely unbiased source during this presidential election is not so easy. It seems the press are either leaning left or leaning right. But what about the world of Corporate Travel?

We at Topaz understand we are not always the popular choice. We are challenged by what we do and what we find on a daily basis. I have said in the past we are the Darth Vader of the Corporate Travel Industry - but what I do not understand is why. We know we are focused on the task of making your travel program the best it can be and instilling a level of quality.

Let me provide an example. Let's say we conduct an audit and everything is wonderful. Results are awesome, and everyone is happy. It should provide an indication that your TMC is doing fine right now. But don't just do it once, behaviors may have changed for that one month. You need to continue to conduct the audits to make sure it stays at the high level.

But what if the results aren't good? What if we find the programmable keys do not work - or the formats are not working - or your airline deals are not loaded correctly? All of these things and more happen - and we find them. Now, you could argue that this is the job of your TMC - but let's face it, humans make mistakes. Another set of eyes, another set of processes developed over 35 years, combined expertise of over 200 years is what Topaz brings to your program. We find the issues so you can fix them and demonstrate that your program is working properly.

Now, are we always looking for the lowest fares? Actually, we never look for the lowest fares, we always look for the correct fare within your policy. There are many tools and automated tools that claim to find things, but they do not take into account policy, or humanity when dealing with options.

So think about this as you consider us - we are not all that mean or all that bad. We just want to make things better.

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