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We know times can be tough - balancing the delivery of high service combined with the most favorable pricing - and delivering on your budget each year.  But spending money now will help your program down the road - by validating the performance so you can objectively defend the value of your travel program.  So, we have lowered our pricing for the next six months in hope of enticing you to consider using our services again - and doing a check up on your program. 

Like your car, you cannot just leave it alone and hope it always works fine and starts up each morning.  You need tune ups - and oil changes - and that is exactly what a Topaz Audit will do for your travel program.  We will make it better - and run smoother - with less noise from travelers always challenging what you are doing.  Some things to consider: 

Validate the performance of your travel management company:  The most important aspect of your TMC is to make sure they are following your policy, and booking the lowest airfares for your travelers.  If they are not, the lost opportunity can exceed $1,000,000 annually.  A Topaz audit will ensure that your TMC is doing the contracted work by putting your travelers on the lowest cost alternative, and it will cost less than a million dollars. 

Finding lower fares is harder and harder:  We all read that the cost of air travel is going to rise, and these reports are validated by airfares in the marketplace!  However, our unique ability in the market to research these fares on a daily basis, and understand where lower cost alternatives are and how to find them, position us to do the work for you.  We are ready to look for any lower airfares, and we will find them if they are out there. 

The world is a big place:  We sometimes lose sight of the rest of the world when we have so much happening here in the United States, but the economy is better in many parts of the world, and the opportunities to find savings can be outside of the US as well.  Topaz has experience in over 70 countries worldwide, so while the economic challenges might be here, the world is a big place with many places to find savings! Automated Tools do not work on alternatives:  Is there something out there that works within your policy and is less money?  

Automated tools do not look at alternatives because they cannot apply human knowledge of your travel policy - and they actually do not always work properly - because we have tested them.   

Improvement is just an audit away:  One of the greatest opportunities missed by corporations and travel management companies is the ability to use an audit as a means to improve their reservation process.  Implementing the findings of a Topaz Airfare audit can improve the processes so that future reservations are accurate and reflect the best rates in the marketplace. 

Topaz is ready to assist you to improving your travel program and making it the best travel program it can be for your company. 

Please call today to talk to us about your program!

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