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Corporate Travel Management over the past twenty years has been stuck in the dark ages. We have focused not on the things that matter but rather on things that simply drive cost savings at the expense of employee productivity.

But we could not have gotten here without going through all that. We must use time to gain wisdom and knowledge.

We took a step backawards into the realm of open bookings and theories driven by large corporations with lots of money looking to make a splash in the market. But it was based on fiction. We also have looked at theories formed around the difficulties of travel - which in most cases, cannot be avoided - but can be minimized. These theories were necessary to drive our industry forward, and drive new thinking.

We have focused on generational differences when we believe that the younger generations may know something more that the older generations. But we should all understand with age comes wisdom - and the wants and desires of some younger people do not necessarily dictate what is right or what is correct.

When a company hires employees, they are hired to create value for that corporation. That value can be found in many disciplines - from sales professionals driven to bring products to customers all the way to human resource professionals driven to create the best workforce possible for that company. So it makes sense, that when these individuals travel for business, the objective must be to make them as highly productive as possible for the company that employs them.

Which leads me back to why are employees wasting their time booking their own trips? Why are they flying multiple connections? Why are they filling out expense reports? Why do we feel compelled to make them feel horrible in coach class for 20 hour flights? And why are we making them less productive for YOUR business?

Think about this - a business is not successful when you mistreat your people - or when you treat them poorly. Maybe it is time for Corporate Travel Management to step up and change things.

Do you want to hear more? Call me - I am happy to talk about it with you.

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