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Expense Report Processing really is about freeing up employees to do the things they should be doing, which is making your company money. Business is not a charity. It is about the highest paid people either leading or taking action that delivers results. Pretty simple. They have the common sense and experience to drive results - so why should they be wasting time doing expense reports? Why should they be booking their own travel - let alone searching? This is a new way of looking at things and we should stop with the old madness that prevents these employees from excelling at what they are supposed to do.

Traveler Productivity Audit is all about the measurement of what companies should be doing with regard to their travel and their employees. How does compensation and contributions to the bottom line impact what employees should be doing with regard to travel? This is finally connecting the dots - and making decisions based on the real implications to the bottom line. Oh, and imagine if your company is able to keep the most productive employees and make them happier along the way? Doesn't that mean better results?

The Los Angeles Business Travel Association (read that like THE Ohio State) will be hearing from me tomorrow on the subject of the future. I, in fact, have an actual crystal ball. I look into it daily and come up with predictions for the future. I am pretty proud of this one. It could be fun. Well, it will be fun for me. Not so much for everyone and every company I speak about. For those it will be painful.

Jim Died. You do not know Jim, but he lived at the assisted living facility where my parents live. He couldn't walk, but that did not prevent him from getting around. He was a veteran, and flew his flag proudly from his electric cart. He suffered a stroke a few years back, but that did not prevent him from smiling every day. He knew that each day was a gift - and he embraced each day by going outside, driving his cart down Route One in Kennebunk, even during a snow storm. We can learn from Jim - wake each day and be grateful that you are breathing. It makes life much more enjoyable.

This is all I have - need to refill the tank of weird observations about our industry. But not to worry - I will be on a plane very soon taking notes. I should have some good ones in no time.

Until then, be well and smile lots.

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