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10. When one travels for business, one should always partake in the best restaurants in the world - and with twelve Michelin starred restaurants in the city of Amsterdam, well, what are you waiting for?

9. InterACTE is an opportunity to really speak to and engage with suppliers that not only see the value in the Association, but understand that one on one conversations that are low pressure are the real way business is done in the world.

8. When in Amsterdam, do as the locals do, and visit a cafe for an opportunity to relax and take in the local culture. Just do not go alone.

7. Education sessions are really about the education and are not old stuff. This is not basic training. These are people that are doing the latest and greatest things in the industry.

6. Heineken - need I say more? Brewery tours!

5. A true EU perspective on the business travel industry - not Americans talking - but Europeans speaking their mind and telling it like it is. Want to hear more about Brexit and what is going to happen? Then this is a must attend event.

4. Keynote speakers that matter - speaking about business and travel and the future - not about sitcoms, or their lives as past presidents.

3. Buyers are free. Nowhere else can buyers go to a conference for free and get this type of exposure and personal growth.

2. Real advancement of your skills - not pretend. You will come home with at least ten key actionable items that will improve you personally, professionally or will improve your travel program.

1. Finally, the number one reason to go to ACTE, is you can really see and meet Greeley and Kurt. They do not hide behind the curtain - but will be out talking to as many of you as is possible.

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