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Does terrorism affect business travel? I was wondering as I read another study about the impact of terrorism on travel in general, does terrorism slow down business travel? Would a company slow down their business objectives because of potential for something happening in the world? I think it might - it causes us to all pause to determine if that trip is really necessary. But we have a short memory so it may not last that long.

Is the Olympics bigger than the sport they encourage? The demands on the host cities are really out of control and the participation by professional athletes takes away from the opportunities to see sports with true amateurs like Badminton and Swimming. I think they need to get back to basics and stop the madness. Oh, and I cannot stand the coverage on network TV, because it is all about the talking heads and the feel good stories that take away from the sports.

Does the dependency on computers impact air travel? The grounding of all flights by Delta was quite the shock to our industry. I heard it was because there was a loss of power - which begs the question, where are the backup generators? But more importantly, maybe there needs to be a disconnected system where outages do not down the whole system? When this stuff happens, we usually learn and get better as a result - so this should be good for all of us.

When do hotel chains get too big? If hotel chains get too big, does that impact how corporations view where they give their business? This will be an interesting time for hotels as you negotiate rates and decide where your corporation puts your travelers. I have heard that many corporations are considering moving away from the huge companies - but how can they really do that? They have such an awesome market presence, it seems difficult.

With Tony D now at Deem, is there a viable choice? I have heard it said over and over again, about the dissatisfaction with a segment of our industry. Bitch, bitch, bitch, all the time. But will Deem be different now that the infamous Tony D. is playing with a new team? I think so - Tony knows the industry, he knows the customers and he listens - there should be a strong choice for everyone. If he calls, answer your phone.

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