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These two words should never be together. You should never have the blues in the summer. With one exception - you live in Palm Springs or Phoenix - then these dog days of summer are really awful and bluesy. And sad. And wicked hot. When we moved from Phoenix about 13 years ago, we left behind a temperature of 121 degrees. Then the AC stopped working in the car.

But I digress.

The reason for this missive is to encourage you to sit down and look at the rest of your year now to prepare for the fall. You see, we are filling up fast, and we do not want to turn you away. Now is the time to start planning for an audit. We have some new offers as well that you may be interested in:

a) For blind and transparent audits, the fees associated with monitoring have all been waived. So now, the cost is exactly the same as our other airfare audits. You spoke up and we listened.

b) You are not just auditing the TMC - you are auditing whether your airline contracts are loaded and working correctly. Imagine going years and not getting all the discounts you thought you should be getting? It has happened.

c) We are going to increase our emails to you so that you can read awesome stuff each week. Let me know what you think? Do you like getting these emails or not? Is weekly too much of me? I understand. I hear that often.

d) Soon, we are launching a new service that will finally assess the effectiveness of your travel program in relation to your travelers. Are you optimizing the effectiveness of the employees that are traveling? Stay tuned.

So as you get ready for August, remember in just ten short weeks it will be October, and in seven weeks, I will be attending a three hour concert in the Midwest. Guess who.

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