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10. Because I am apolitical so we can discuss any candidate just for the fun of it.

9. Life is too short to party your way through a convention, trust me, I know.

8. I will not be partaking in any edibles nor smoking anything - but I do not judge.

7. I promise to give you nothing - unless you ask me for a business card which is all i will have to offer.

6. I do not sell, I just talk about what we do, and only when you want to.

5. Coffee or Tea is much better with an industry colleague.

4. You can learn about things I am working on that I never write about.

3. Oh, you want to talk industry rumors, I can talk rumors.

2. I do not drink cheap wine like what is served at some big receptions and I always buy for my friends.

1. You will learn more from having a meeting with me than any actress, quarterback or astronaut.

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