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Why would you even bother with an audit? If you work for a TMC, why even receive these emails? There are plenty of people that hate us out there - and others that ignore us - so why are we key to a successful travel program?

Simply, we make you and your programs better. We prove you right - or prove you wrong - all with the intentions to make you better. Otherwise you have no idea.

Oh, and our cost is as low as a 1/2 a percent of the cost of the airplane ticket, begging the question, why not? Imagine how your travelers, your customers would feel if they knew everything was being looked at, tested and validated.

Did we find a lower fare? Then maybe it shows a crack in your travel program that you can now repair. Did you perform awesome in the audit? Then maybe what you say is in fact true. And we will help support you as you tell your customers all about it.

There are very few independent assessments left in our industry - claims of greatness sure - but never just thinking about you and your travel program. Do not be fooled - there are a lot of fancy apps and devices - but they rarely deliver. They just want to sell you something else that does not add real value.

We are here for you - ready for your calls and to talk about how we can make your program the best it can be.

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