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#10. Get Ready for your Hotel Program 2017 - Now is the time to run some data on what your travel patterns have been for the past 12 months. Then determine if your top cities are still your top cities and where your travelers staying in these cities. Are they using your preferred hotels? Or are they finding something where else to stay because of changes in business or rates?

#9. Substantiate that your program is better than the internet - Each year, corporations spend millions of their revenues on travel expenses - but rarely do they spend a few thousand to substantiate and prove that their program is the best for their company. Want a quick and easy solution? Topaz can help with an internet study that will help prove your programs worth.

#8. Take a long walk all by yourself - Leave the mobile and email and text and social media all at home - and go take a long walk. Alone. Think about your program, your corporate culture, your policy, your preferred vendors - think about what you love about your program and what you hate - and think about how you can change your program to add more value to your employer and yourself in the coming year!

#7. Spend time with your family - I am assuming you like to spend time with your family - if not, skip this one. Take some time to enjoy the warmth and go do things with your family. Have a staycation by doing activities that are close to home but you usually don't have time to do. Eat poorly. Smile and laugh. It will make you feel better when the days are rainy and snowy!

#6. Review your Travel Policy - I want you to print your travel policy on paper - and grab a red pen - my favorite would be a red felt tipped flair - and head down to your favorite coffee shop or tea house. Order your favorite drink and something to nibble on. Read your policy - front to back and make notes in red on what you like or do not like. Make it shorter and simpler. Streamline it. Then put it away in the files for a couple of months and bring it back out later in the year to see if you want to take any recommended changes to management.

#5. Buy a really good blender - I have been thinking of this for a while - realizing that that summer time is the time to recreate those wonderful refreshing drinks that blend ice and fruit juices into a refreshing, cooling cup of goodness. Oh then there is that little added shot or two of rum...

#4. Plan now for 2017 Budget - It is coming up - the dreaded budget season. Time to make notes about what you want to include for next year - including us! Topaz is here to help and guide you towards the creation of that perfect travel program and now is the time to think about putting us in your budget for next year. Call us and we will be happy to give you an estimated dollar amount!

#3. Call Topaz today about a Fall/Winter Audit - Do not delay any more - we know you want to really check to make sure things are working like you want - that your policy is being applied and implemented exactly like you want. Why wait any longer? The time is now - during the summer, to have a call with us while you are testing out that blender!

#2. Set up a meeting now to see me in Denver - Are you heading to Denver this summer? I will be there - enjoying the wonderful sights and sounds and smells that Denver has to offer - and I would love to spend some time with you. So shoot me an email and tell me when and where you would like to meet - we can talk business - or blenders - or life in general.

And finally the number one activity this summer is...

#1. Go for a walk on a beach - That is it! Go take a walk, but not alone - take your family - a spouse or significant other - take your dogs - whoever it is, just go for a walk on the beach. Listen to the water, feel the sand between your toes and just take it all in! This is what summer is all about.

Enjoy your summer everyone and know that we are here waiting to talk to you about audits, corporate travel, or whatever might be on your mind!

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