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Maybe we were all wrong. Maybe the idea of "cheapest" was in fact ruining our travelers, our employees, and our lives. Maybe the idea of doing it all ourselves and wasting time was the wrong way to think about our corporate travel world. Maybe doing whatever we wanted was wrong. Travel 1.0, 2.0 or 100.0 does not matter. We were all wrong.

The idea that we can do better - we can do better for the traveler and we can do better for the corporation - is in fact what the future is all about. It is about increasing the productivity of the worker so that they can do their job better, and faster, and not kill themselves in the process. It is about spending more time with those things in their lives that really matter - families, friends, fun activities - as an extension of work life where you can be successful at it all.

Imagine being happier. Imagine being better at your work and your personal life. Take your vacations because you can and you want to - and everything else gets better. The future is here - so stay tuned as Topaz and Eudemonia share something really cool, very soon.

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