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The evolution of corporate travel from nothing managed (yep, back in the dark ages, like 1985), to the advent of the travel manager (late 1980's), to travel buyer has been an interesting road. Today, companies are split based on their culture as to the role of the travel manager. Some view it as a role for Human Resources - others maintain it is like any other item for purchasing consolidation. In a future writing, we will look at the various roles travel professionals take, but this week, we look at the top five reasons why Topaz is the Travel Purchasing Departments best friend:

5. Purchasing trusts no one: Come on, face it, there is always doubt in the mind of the purchasing professional. They never think their "deal" is the best - they never stop negotiating during contract periods. So why would you trust that you are in fact getting the rates you think you are getting? You do not, which is why you need Topaz.

4. Purchasing "knows" travel: While there are many in our industry that have a keen understanding of the nuances of corporate travel expertise, the fact remains there are many people in purchasing that do not know travel. These are the professionals that think they either know it all (no one does) or think travel is just like buying pencils and steel (#not). So what should you do? Find a trusted adviser.

3. No one challenges purchasing: Doesn't everyone in your company completely and blindly trust all your decisions and your complete travel program? Yeah, not so likely. Give me a break - you have to prove it each and every day - and to do that you sometimes need a friend in your corner to help you. That is where we come in. We can help. We have what you need to make your program the best it can be!

2. Purchasing is cheap: Did I say cheap? I meant thrifty. Or maybe prudent purchaser. Whatever word you use, the bottom line is this - based on your overall travel spend, and even the spend to manage travel, the costs to use Topaz are not that high. We keep the costs down by limiting what we spend money on inside our company. And we pass those savings on to you in the form of services that are reasonable and cheap. I mean thrifty.

1. Ask your colleagues: Don't trust me. Ask around. In fact, I bet some of your reading this already are our friends and customers - and you might even be willing to tell your industry colleagues that in fact we are OK. We do what we say and always attempt to deliver on the promise to make your corporate travel program better. And if we don't, tell me. We are not perfect, but we do always try to get better.

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