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Weird start to the year: Can I be the only one to thinks this? We have a US presidential campaign where almost all the candidates act like children and are sooooooo not presidential. We have a stock market that is just tanking week after week. Energy prices are nice for some of us but not so good for my friends in Texas. We have fear in the world of business where panic seems to be setting in for no apparent reason. We have issues with the proper inflation of footballs that is going on for over a year? Really? What is going on? We need some positive vibes!

We could use your help: Have you ever had a business ask you for your help? Well, we need your help. We need you to sign up for an audit or a study or a review. I have people I need to keep busy so they can stay warm this winter. Topaz would like to hang around for a few more years, so why not think of something we can help you with and give us a call? We are sitting by our phones now. I am serious. Well, I am not sitting by my phone because I rarely sit by my phone. But text me - 207-318-1852 - I always get those.

Facebook ideas: I need you all to go on Facebook right now and follow the Bangor Maine Police Department. And then read some of the old posts, and start laughing. You will feel better. You may cry, but it will be a good cry. I love these guys and gals. Maine is awesome but do not tell anyone. It is our little secret.

Answering surveys: So I get a lot of requests for surveys, always wondering how I really feel. And you know what? I will not answer any survey unless I get something in return. Pay me. Enter me in a contest. Whatever you want. Oh, and stop sending me reminders. I read it the first time. I deleted it the first time.

Coming soon, a new study: As I write this little missive, I cannot help but look at my to-do list and see we have a new white paper coming soon. Like a couple of weeks soon. Is there really a good or bad day of the week to buy your airline tickets? We will let you know....

Are we kidding ourselves? The idea that we can do better - we can do better for the traveler and we can do better for the corporation - is in fact what the future is all about. It is about increasing the productivity of the worker so that they can do their job better, and faster, and not kill themselves in the process. It is about spending more time with those things in their lives that really matter - families, friends, and fun activities - as an extension of work life where you can be successful at it all. Stay tuned. We have an idea.

Carry on.....and let me know if you have any subjects you would like me to write about. Suggestions are good.

Have a wonderful 2016!

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