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Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday. Tree Saturday. Hiking Thursday. Leftover Sunday. It really is out of control.

And rather than putting us in a good mood, more and more people I speak to tell me it puts them in a nasty mood. It is just plan nuts. The advertising, the emails, everything is just over the top. So what did we do at Topaz?

Nothing. Except spend time with our families and friends.

Honestly, how are we supposed to get through all that noise? My guess is you overused your delete button the last couple of weeks. Please do not use it now. Read on.

Because this is the last call for your help this year. And not from a personal perspective but from a business perspective. There are a few things you can do with us before the end of the year that may help you and help us.

a) Use up your budget - When a company is reaching the end of the year or the end of their quarter, sometimes it pays to use up budget money. We can plan for a consulting or audit project in 2016 and you can pay in advance. You get the services you need and you help your company. What could be better than that?

b) Start Planning - We are going to be busy again next year. We have a record number of proposals and clients that have already committed, and we would hate for you to be on the outside looking in. So think about what you want us to do for your next year and start planning now. It is an easy phone call and helps both us out by planning before the rush.

c) Budget now - Keep us on your radar, because the only way you know your program is really performing for the company is by auditing to ensure performance. You know how the game works - money can be shifted - budgets can be increased - you just have to make the argument that an audit is key to making sure everyone is performing like you need them to.

We are here to help you answer your questions and to get you lined up for next year. Do not wait.

Oh, and enjoy the season. Do not let the commercialization cloud the happiness we should all be feeling!

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