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10. Because it is Paris: Come on. It's Paris! Wonderful people, crazy good food, and spectacular wine. You have some wonderful opportunities to see world class art (during your free time, of course) or just stroll the streets and enjoy the vibe that is Paris.

9. Industry and Business Keynote Speakers: At ACTE the focus of the keynote speakers is on the industry and education. So what does ACTE do? Real professors and real travel leaders that will provide their thoughts and opinions on our industry. Refreshing.

8. Because there are cafes: How do you make that sidewalk cafe better? By sitting with me and indulging a croissant and espresso and pondering the future of this industry. How else can I get ideas of what to write about in the future? I need your help.

7. All Buyers are free: Yep, buyers do not have to pay to attend and learn. I am sure you have a free airline ticket tucked away in some hidden space, so for simply the cost of a hotel room you too can come away with some awesome new ideas to make your program better.

6. Musee d'Orsay: My favorite museum in Paris, and maybe in the world, where in a former rail station the famous works of French artists are displayed. I rate this museum higher than any other because it is art I like and smaller than that other monster in town!

5. Five Great Education Tracks: Imagine education sessions focused on subjects like Community, Data, Innovation, Talent and Traveler? These are the five tracks of education at the ACTE conference that will bring on stage top leaders of our industry.

4. Wine is always better with Friends: It's time now to set up a meeting with me to share in a glass or bottle or case of wonderful French Wine. Then, if things are working out well, we order some Pâté and have a nice snack to ponder the future of our industry.

3. Because it is not all about me: As much as I like to think it is, there are many great people attending this conference that you just have to meet. These are great people with great ideas that will make you a better person just because you are around them!

2. I have time to sit down with you: I have not been to an ACTE conference in many years so this is kind of a homecoming for me - but it also gives me the opportunity to meet with many of our European friends - so please let me know if you want to set up a meeting!

1. Because you have to attend my education session! This is shaping up to be a wonderful session that will look at the future of corporate travel management. This panel discussion will address all the tough questions and will offer a perspective into the future not only of what we see happening but what industry leaders want to have happen in the future. Thursday at 10:45a plan on being there.

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