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I think a lot about good and bad reviews. Trip Advisor is my go to place to review. The good ones are easy - we love to shout out and tell people about those places that are good and the places you want to stay around. Of course, sometimes we do not want to shout too loud because they will get busy and crowded. With a good restaurant, it is a real bummer when they just get too busy you can never go there again.

Equally, bad reviews ultimately have such a negative effect I want to be as constructive as possible. Yeah, I want to warn those around me to stay away, or better yet, I want the owner of the business to thank me and try and make changes to be better. I posted a review about a year ago for a local restaurant and the owner pretty much bashed me and my review. They have since gone out of business.

One of the pillars of what we do at Topaz is to make sure we always do the best we can and to make sure our customers are satisfied. Now, not everyone will want to tell me we did something wrong or there is something we can do better, but I hope I am respectful enough to listen and make changes where I can. Unlike a restaurant, I can't just change the menu, but I can drop and add services that work and seem to be successful.

The one favor I ask of all our friends is to always keep us in mind when you have a project you need completed. And while you may not have something you need right now, please go tell your friends about us (if you are satisfied, of course) and introduce us to new customers and new friends. We are not large enough to put billboards all over the world nor to advertise in publications, but we are large enough to give our customers what they need to make their travel programs the best they can be. We will add employees if we have to grow to meet our demand - thus we are always able to deliver to current and future customers.

Finally, thank you. Since 1978 (when I was just a freshman in High School) we have tried to do the best we can along with the highest level of service. We would not have been here so long if it was not for the many friends and customers we have today - and we hope to continue to grow for all those that need our help.

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