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Many of you know I like to see Bruce Springsteen in concert.  During many of the summer shows, he kicks them off with his version of "Summertime Blues" by the Who. As we enter the month of July, I imagine there are many of you that are about to enter the summertime blues - that time when most of us are working - but just do not have the motivation.

"Well, I'm a'gonna raise a fuss,
An' I'm a'gonna raise a holler.
I've been working all summer
Just to try and earn a dollar.
Well I went to the boss
Said I had a date

My boss said "No dice, son, you gotta work late"

Maybe we have date with our back patio and a cold beverage?  Or maybe we have a date with a local beach or pool?  But some of us just have to work late.  Do you have the summertime blues?

"Well my mom 'n' poppa told me
"Son you gotta earn some money,
If you want to use the car
To go riding next Sunday."

"Well I didn't go to work
I told the boss I was sick
"Now you can't use the car
'cause you didn't work a lick."

Now all of the readers of my little missives are old enough to make their own decisions - so go ahead and call in sick.  Go on that date.  Hop in your car and refresh yourself.

And when you come back give us a call.  Because if you just take off the whole summer, and you want to use Topaz in the fall, well, be prepared.  We may not be able to help.  Kind of like the congressman in this song:

"Well I went to my congressman
He said, quote: "I'd like to help you son,
But you're too young to vote."

"Sometimes I wonder what I'm a'gonna do
Cause there ain't no cure for the summertime blues."

Not because you're too young - but because we are real busy.  Grab your spot now for the end of 2015.  Because if you don't you will have the winter is coming blues.

Brad Seitz
President & CEO
P: 1.503.828.0993


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