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We receive this question a lot - probably every time we are discussing a potential audit project with a client - and always recommend three months or longer. While our minimum length of time for any audit is only one month, we feel as though a three-month audit really captures the normal behavior of the TMC and your dedicated agents. While a TMC can easily allocate additional resources for a one month audit, and agents can double check each PNR to ensure they have documented everything, it's hard to maintain this methodology for three months. As we all know, old habits are hard to break and after awhile, they tend to fall back on the normal patterns.

And, while we are discussing length of audits, we should really discuss our three airfare audit options at the same time: open, blind and transparent. Last year we announced our transparent audit in which we have limited communication with your TMC during the audit to discuss the audit parameters...rather we 'transparently' audit your PNRs based on what your TMC is doing today without allocating any additional resources. This audit option is in addition to our audits already in place - open and blind.

Sometimes a one month audit is the only financially feasible option for a client - and one we completely understand and can deliver on - but if you really want a clear picture of how your TMC is performing for you, a three month audit is the better option. Give me a call today and let's discuss your audit needs and the cost of a one month audit vs a three-month audit; the difference might surprise you and enable you to have us audit your TMC for an entire quarter! 

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