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Over the past few years we have been introduced to Travel 2.0 - a concept that has been both praised and dumped upon in the industry and marketplace.  Some have vilified travel 2.0 as a gimmick used to sell yet another tool or service, rather than designed to benefit the corporate travel manager or the corporation they serve.  What I think really does not matter, so I shall refrain.

Well today I would like to announce that there is a new version of Corporate Travel Management in town - Corporate Travel 3.0.  After years of research and intensive testing, the new version will fulfill all the needs of corporate travel managers and more importantly, corporations all over the world.  It is not designed to sell anything - not even Topaz services.  It is designed and built on a simple platform of creating value to the three interested parties of corporate travel - the suppliers of travel services, the corporations that are buying the services and the travelers that must travel for business.

Each of the fifteen concepts are the cornerstone of what a corporate travel manager or buyer must focus on to create value - not by letting travelers do what they feel is right - but by delivering the services necessary so that they can perform their jobs to the greatest possible manner so they can create value for themselves and the corporations that pay their salary.  A business travelers job is not to search for airfares - or hotels - or ground transportation - but rather be as effective as they can in performing their job while traveling.

Now is the time to rethink lengthy travel policies - and focus on those parts of a quality travel program that really add value to each and every traveler and your corporation.  Provide the tools and guidelines that allow travelers to be as productive as they can while traveling - not adding burdens to booking and planning the trip.  Gone are the days of forcing travelers to use your program.  The new today is creating a program everyone wants to use!

Want to hear more of the details?  let me know - I am happy to share.

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