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For the past three decades Topaz has most notably been known as a corporate travel auditing company. Our name has become synonymous with "auditing." While airfare performance measures remain our main service offering, over the past thirty years Topaz has evolved into much more. Topaz is the global leader in corporate travel performance measurement and evaluation.

Are your hotel rates loaded AND booked correctly?

       Airfare auditing has always been our niche. We work with corporations and agencies in over 60 countries across the world, evaluating PNR's booked by agencies and online tools, always in real time.  However, did you know Topaz doesn't just evaluate air spend? We also offer performance measurement for your many other corporate travel needs. One of these additional needs is hotel bookings. We offer our clients a hotel study. Hotel reservations are one of the main costs in corporate travel spend, second only to air bookings. Hotel booking evaluation is often overlooked by travel managers. Topaz's hotel study ensures your preferred rates are loaded and booked correctly. Allow Topaz to ensure the correct steps are taken from the moment the preferred rate is loaded by your agency to the minute it is booked. Be confident you are saving as much money as possible.

"I found a lower fare on Expedia!"     

     As we all know, the internet has truly changed the face of travel over the last decade; one of the biggest changes being the growth of online booking sites. These sites such as Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity, have changed the corporate travel booking environment.

In fact, today you may have many employees claiming they can find lower fares on these sites than what was offered by the traditional agency or online booking tool. Did you know Topaz can help solve this problem with our internet study? We will compare the PNR's booked by your agency or self booking tool to a variety of online websites (of your choice) in real time to discover where the lowest fare is actually being offered. How else can you independently prove to your employees that you are aware of where the lowest fare can be found?


"What if we increased our travel window by an hour?"

     Lastly, Topaz offers a variety of unique service options including, Expense Report Evaluation; discover if the receipts employees are submitting match expense reports and are within policy. Potential Savings Analysis; find out how much you would save by making changes to your travel program BEFORE you make them. Travel Program Evaluation; have our CEO take an in depth look at your entire travel program and give you the advice you need to make changes that will save you money and improve your program. Benchmarking Reports; receive monthly or quarterly benchmarking reports which allow you to see how your travel program compares with other corporations.

If you're looking to evaluate your travel program in any way, shape, or form, don't look any further. Find all of your travel program performance measurement solutions under one roof at Topaz.

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