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Here are some reasons for travel managers (both with and without CTD's) to conduct an audit.

1.  Decipher fact from fiction.
Mistakes happen. It is one thing when a person makes a couple of mistakes, but when an airline contract is loaded incorrectly or a person on your team is making a lot of mistakes, those things must be found and corrected to ensure your program is working correctly. Don't believe everything you hear (or read).

2.  A CTD is different than other travel programs.
Not really - same mistakes - same processes. You need to have the confidence in yourself and your program to prove it. Good audit results make you look good. Poor audit results and new processes to correct those results make you look good too.

3.  My TMC does not want me to do an audit.
Really? Now isn't that interesting - maybe they say it to your face - or maybe they put up roadblocks to an audit. Are they hiding something? It might be time for a change.

4.  Travelers love an independent review of your program.
It does not matter what kind of program you have, an independent assessment of your travel program and the sharing of the results gives your travelers trust and your program credibility. Nothing else can do that.

5.  Travelers are not savvy enough to know or understand how good my program is.
Really? There are travelers out there that will hound you forever on the effectiveness and quality of your travel program. Quiet them with an independent assessment.

6.  Topaz Audit Results are always the same.
Actually that is not really true. While many great travel programs use us each and every month and get good results we also have some results that are not good at all - like 20% or higher error rates. That can add up to a lot of money.

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