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Last week when I was in Seattle presenting to the local business travel association chapter, something strange happened. I got caught off guard. You see, after my session when I was speaking with some of the attendees, a client of ours came up and wanted to talk about order of display. I can only believe I looked like one of those scary "deer in the headlights" we see when driving in the woods. I attempted to act intelligent, but I was unable to comprehend the issue at that time. But after a long flight home it clicked.

In fact, it clicked so much that I am writing this to all of our clients. You see you must understand how order of display could influence traveler decisions that could potentially impact your program in a big way.

The issue is this: regardless of what booking channel you utilize - the agent assisted or self booking tool -  how the options are displayed can affect the decision making process. It is no different than search engine rankings. What precious options are displayed on that first page? And if there are options that result in multiple pages, how can you be sure the right choices are displayed first? There are impacts to policy for lowest fare options as well as maximizing contractual obligations for your corporation.

So I bring it up here because you may just want to take a look to see what is going on with your order of selections. For Topaz, we are going to take a look too and share results with you down the road. We hope it shows us all something that we can use to improve all of our travel programs!

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