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Here at Topaz, we have questioned from time to time if we should simplify our menu of products. You know, one size fits all. Kind of like In-n-Out Burger - hamburgers and fries - that is all so take it or leave it.

But in the world of auditing one size does not fit all and one solution is no better than another. There are too many variables in your travel programs; maybe you have limited budgets, or TMC's that do not want to put the work in, and travel programs that are at different stages of maturity. These and many others factors impact what is best for a corporation when deciding to audit. So for purposes of a refresher, I thought I would highlight some of the decisions you are going to make:

a) What calendar month is best to audit? The easy answer is as many months as you can!  But this is why we always start with that answer. The performance of your TMC should not have peaks and valleys. They should be doing their job whether during a busy time or a slow time. Too often decisions are made to conduct audits during the busy time, which is great, but make sure you don't neglect the slower months as well. Peace of mind for all volumes is the sign of a good program.

b) How long should I do an audit? You know we are going to say as long as you can - and for all the obvious reasons. We have many clients that do audit every month but the bottom line is to make your program as efficient and performing at the highest levels it can. Obtaining the best airfares is one aspect of your program and if you let that lapse you could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Far more than what it costs to do an audit.

c) Which of the three airfare audits is best for you? Once again this one depends on your goals and reasons for auditing. We can easily go over the benefits of one over the other but only you can make that decision. The traditional open audit, blind audit and transparent audit are all performing the same task. The difference is how they are setup and who know when we are conducting the audit.

Everyone at Topaz is committed to delivering high service and answering all those questions you may have. We will give you all the information you need to make the right decision for your company and your program. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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