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Topaz would like to offer a helping hand (or an ear) to make your travel program better, faster, more efficient and have the best return it can, so we are rolling out a new product called "Advice".

Advice was developed based on years of experience with customers that sometimes needed a service to just help them out.  So start to think about what your travel program needs and issues might be.  Are you unsure if your program has value?  Do you need some assistance determining if your airline program is the best it can be? What if you want to know what opportunities may exist to cash in additional savings?  Do you need some help developing a hotel program?  What about an assessment of your TMC fees and performance?

Once we understand what you might need, we will do our best to offer a solution.  This solution might be free or there may be a fee - but rest assured we will be totally transparent.  Of course, we would like to be a part of that solution, however if one of our many friends in the industry can do it better, we will not hesitate to recommend them - and either way you can trust us to give sound advice on how to make your travel program world class.

We realize that there are very few independent voices out there that have earned your trust.  Topaz has been around a long time, and we like to think we have earned trust in our industry; and in the event we have not, we will try.

So let us know what is on your mind - send us an email - give us a call - we will do all we can to apply our expertise over the years to develop a solution that should solve your problem in the most cost effective manner possible.  We are here to help and give you some sound advice.

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