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We often get asked for references, and we are always happy to provide them.  With one condition:

We do not offer them up without first asking those that are giving them.

And this often gets us in trouble.  You see, we just do not want to give out the names and contact information to just anyone without permission.  We have heard from many that are even prevented from giving any type of reference.  They just have a policy of staying quiet and not getting involved. But this upsets those that are looking for a reference - because they just want to speak to someone about us and what we do. And we get that; but please do not get upset at us.  We are just trying to be respectful - to our past clients and hopefully you in the future.

We also know that referrals come freely from many of our customers - they speak to colleagues at other businesses and realize that our services my be good for them.  For every time you do that for us, we just want to say thanks.  We do not have a massive sales force or a million dollar advertising budget, and referrals are key to us staying in business.

In the end we take References and Referrals seriously and privately.  In the end, we hope this works well for you too!

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