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Now that the majority of our clients have incorporated an Online Booking Tool (OBT) into their corporate travel program, we thought this might be a good opportunity to encourage you to always include these reservations in your Topaz audit.  While it may be enticing to believe that your OBT always provides your travelers with the lowest logical airfare all of the time, our experience proves otherwise.  Sometimes the rates may be loaded incorrectly or other times it might be less expensive to break up the ticket but the OBT does not recognize this and cannot take that initiative.   And actually, it may just not be working accurately all the time. This especially rings true for international PNRs.  When in many instances over 50% of your PNRs are being booked by your travelers on your OBT, don't you want to rest assured that it is working correctly?  It could be a costly mistake that Topaz could alleviate for you when these PNRs are included in our audit process.

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