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Last year at GBTA I listened to a discussion regarding CTDs (Corporate Travel Department) and the processes involved with operating one including the necessary service elements. One theme I heard over and over during the panel discussion was that while there are many CTDs within the US, most of these companies outsource their travel management responsibilities to TMCs in other regions of the world. So, while they are entirely responsible for their own corporate travel here at home, abroad they partner with a TMC to service their travelers and provide reports.

This is a perfect example of where our airfare auditing services could be vital to ensuring your travelers are offered the lowest logical airfare outside the US. The last time I counted, we have conducted audits in 84 countries around the globe, so chances are we have already conducted an audit in the country(ies) you need us to perform one. We understand that by having your own CTD, you can maintain very high service levels and expectations of your department; you are servicing your peers and need to report to your company executives your strengths and weaknesses so you have a lot riding on managing a highly effective team. However, that control evaporates when you are outsourcing your travel management duties to a TMC in other countries; and this is when hiring Topaz to perform an airfare audit and/or internet study would be highly beneficial to you. A Topaz audit will either confirm that your TMC is indeed providing your travelers with the high level of service you are providing them at home or highlight areas of deficiency - and maybe even specific countries - in which you need to work with your TMC to bring those service levels up to your travelers' expectations.

I would love to discuss this more with you - please feel free to reach out to me at your convenience and we can together select an audit that meets your needs and provides value to your company.

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