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Announcing our newest airfare audit with no TMC intervention.

Since we opened our doors in 1978, Topaz has performed airfare audits for corporations worldwide.  The newest airfare audit for corporations, the Transparent Airfare Audit, is a check of your airline reservations with little or no intervention by your TMC.  All we need is access to your reservations.  We will look at all the reservations you tell us to look at based on the parameters you set out, and see if the lowest airfares were obtained within your policy standards.

This service offering is being introduced after numerous requests by clients who wanted to check up on their TMC without them knowing about it.  We will do all we can to obtain the PNR's with your assistance, and we will tell you how we go about this type of audit.  This will give you a clear picture of how your TMC is doing against what you require of them.  If there are comments in an individual reservation, we will take those into account.  This new service should prevent a TMC from adding additional resources during the audit process.

This is the offering we recommend when you want to check up on your TMC with little or no intervention on their part.   They are not part of the start-up process -there is no communication with the TMC during the audit - and most importantly they do not know when we are auditing.  This is important for both the TMC and the corporation because it gives a clear picture of performance - how does your TMC do on a day to day basis?  This prevents intervention by additional staff or processes to improve results.  This type of audit should show true, actual performance that either demonstrates stellar results or opportunities for continuous improvement.

We are not implementing this to upset people - simply, we are doing this because our corporate clients have asked for it.  They want an audit completed without additional resources provided during the audit - a true audit.

If you are interested in hearing more, please give Rebecca a call at 503.828.0986 and let's see if we can help you today!

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