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Audits are not a bad thing. An audit is designed to validate the performance of a travel program and should be part of an ongoing quality control system that assesses current performance and allows for improvement in the overall success of any travel program. Typically we look at an audit as a negative thing - someone is out to get me - rather than an independent assessment of performance. Too often with CTD's the leadership are fearful of the results - should they perform poorly on an audit, it will reflect poorly on them. I contend the
results should be examined closely to see what the issues are and implement processes that will changeperformance in the future. For example:

  • Does one agent make repeated mistakes that cause substantial loss of money? Focused training with this agent on improvement techniques should improve performance.
  • Do negotiated airline rates price correctly when auto pricing? Are your agents skilled enough to catch this error? A Topaz audit can find these mistakes so you can make necessary corrections.
  • Are there internal processes that have not been validated by an independent third party to ensure they are working? Topaz will make sure they work and provide valuable feedback.

Ongoing regular assessments by independent auditors like Topaz add credibility and are a valuable part of an overall quality corporate travel program. Whether you have a CTD or outsource to a travel management company, the value and cost of the audit will be recovered in the peace of mind that your program is operating in the manner it was designed.

About Topaz.
Topaz provides strategic support to the corporate travel management professional. With 30 years of experience analyzing travel related expenditures, Topaz is a world leader in airfare & hotel auditing, providing benchmark information and consultancy services to improve the delivery of corporate travel services. Supporting travel managers, buyers and agencies, Topaz helps improve performance and facilitate cost savings.

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