You like this stuff?  More people came up to me and said they loved what I was writing about in these blog posts.  You loved my perspective - and you wanted me to keep it up.  You all gave me hope!   My thoughts and efforts are loved!  Here we go again….. 
A whole lotta hotel people  It is crazy how many are here from the hotels.  Damn, I am staying at the Westin and there were two BUSLOADS of Starwood employees who all checked in at once!  It was like 200 people cramming the lobby!  I walked past the Hilton booth and it was mobbed with Hilton employees.  What is the ROI for that expense?  
Missing?  Fairmont left a few years ago, this year Hertz was not on the trade show floor, and neither was Travelport.  Of course little Topaz left many years ago - but Uber, Lyft, and a host of healthy funded start ups are new on the floor.
Who has the blue badge:  So if you have a blue badge, do you feel like you are being tracked and hunted like an animal?  Everyone staring at your chest?  Blue badges are key to the success of our trade show.  But check this out - not all the blues were buyers - I counted fifteen - either mis badged or volunteers that had blue badges - wonder if they were counted as the number of total buyers in attendance?  But then I was told some volunteers are in fact buyers that work.  ACTE gives buyers free registrations - last I heard they do not put their buyer attendees to work.
Unhappy?  I tried to keep my mouth shut - which is hard - but there seems to be some unhappiness in the ranks.  Will this turn into something?  Or like me, do you have to show your face because if you don’t people will think you died.  But I don’t fund this money machine - the trade show floor does.  Plenty of people said to me they are going to really look at the value of this next year.  Interesting, maybe something is changing.
Star Alliance Party  So I did not get into the ice bar which was the most disappointment I had, but the pub and sushi place was cool.  You must have dropped some coin on this one - gonna have to negotiate a little harder for my clients…..Or upgrade me to global services and I shall remain quiet.
“Poor man wanna be rich, rich man wanna be king, and the king ain’t satisfied till he owns everything”  Can you name the song this lyric came from?  Kind of fit the idea of no term limits for the board which is being voted on.I think they are missing the point - forcing change is good for the healthiness of an organization.  Same old leadership results in the same old ideas.  Or lack of ideas.  Oh I get it - owners of their little kingdom.
Change the model:  Not one person will buy this - but there must be a change in the way businesses show off their product.  If you have to have a trade show then create equal space for everyone.  One company gets one booth - one price - one square footage - one monitor - one sign.  What a novel idea. Size does not matter.  
Sexy:  How true is this - sexy sells.  Sexy idea - sexy product or service - whatever you have that is cool and sexy it will get the attention of a lot of people.  But the problem I have is this is not practical.  Sexy does not make your travel program better.  Think about that.
Shirts with Logo’s:  Topaz has a new logo - and we will be rolling out changes to our website and everything over the course of the year - but after attending this trade show I can promise one thing - no shirts with my logo.  I am so over that.
That is all I have.  Good seeing so many of you.  Many I missed.  Be good, until my next blog post!