What happens when I get in one of those moods as I wander around airports?  Well, I take notice to the little things about travelers that you need to be aware of.  These are the top ten no no's for business travelers as they hit the road.

10. Being Grumpy - You need to know better because you are on the road way too much.  Do not be a grump.  It does nothing for you - in fact it works against you.  Yea, it sucks traveling, but you need to psyche yourself out of the funk and make it better.  Smile.

9. Two Bags not Three or Four - Come on - play by the rules and stop trying to get away with something.  You think we do not notice?  Two bags - not two and a half - not three.  My god not more.  But wait - there is an exception - duty free booze in a box.  That does not count.

8. Four Wheeled Bags - Maybe I will get arguement here, but I am not a fan.  It just does not look professional - not smooth like sliding along with the two wheeled bag behind you.  And the wheels take up valuable packing space in your carry on bag.

7. Unliftable Luggage - If you choose to carry one, you must be able to lift your bag.  Sorry ladies but if you cannot lift you luggage into the overhead bins, you should be checking. No exceptions.  I will buy you a drink and hold the door and all those other things that gentlemen do, but pack light.

6. Airline Status Luggage Tags - Lose em.  I do not care if you are gold, platinum, coal, or dirt status.  That is between you and the airlines.  It does nothing to show off your status.  Check you ego at the gate.

5. Headphone Usage - There is one place to use them and one brand to wear.  They are only worn at your seat.  If you are awake take them OFF when a flight attendent needs to speak to you.  And you can only have Bose Noise Cancelling.  You are a business traveler not a Rap Artist.

4. Overstuffed - If you carry on bag has a zipper that allows your bag to be stuffed with more crap, you NEVER use it unless you are checking that bag.  Overstuffed carry on bags slow the process down.  Do not overstuff.

3. TSA Pre-Check Ignorance -  Learn the rules people.  Keep the laptop in the bag.  Keep your shoes on.  Come on - get with the program or go back to the other line.  

2. Ribbons on your Luggage - No business traveler should ever have a colored ribbon on their bags.  That is not for you - that is for your grandmother.  You need to lose the ribbon.  

1. Squeeky Wheels - Nothing screams bushleague like the squeeky wheels of your carry on bag.  That tells me your bag was bought at the second hand store.  Get a bag that screams professional like a Briggs and Riley or Tumi.  Those wheels do not squeek.

So there you go you young professionals.  Do us old folks proud by taking over the skys with grace and wisdom!