Do you remember the good old days?  I used to hate it when my parents and grandparents said that - and now I say it - but do you remember those old days of airline contracts?  They were pretty simple - in exchange for some market share, you could get a discount off of some airfares.

I can even remember when the airlines depended on us to give them results.  They would come into meetings and show us numbers, and then we would show them a much larger number, and everyone would be happy.  Thanks to Mr. Whitesage we no longer need to do that.  

Until the next quarterly meeting.

But my how things have changed.  The complexity is mind boggling.  The ability to make sure everything is working in daunting - but really necessary if you think you want to ensure your discounts are being captured.  But more importantly there is a hidden truth that is happening in this world - the complexity may be hiding the facts that corporations are not to blame for under achievements in certain markets.  Nope, not your fault.

But I bet you are being blamed for it.  

"Dear Customer:  You have not acheived the goals you set out to acheive.  You are bad.  It is all your fault and we will make you feel small and tiny.  Bad customer."

But guess what - it may not be your fault.  Nor is it your TMC's fault.  Nope - it is the airlines fault.  But they have twisted it to make it your fault.  And if you tell them it is their fault, they may listen but they fall back to it is your fault.

So what is it?  That you will have to find out for yourself.