Let's face it - we love to travel.  Visit new places - try new and exotic foods - speak with and learn about the wonderful people from all over this great land of ours.

But getting there sucks.  Unless you are a self made millonaire or travel manager that always gets those upgrades.  And the reason more than anything?

The incredible shrinking seats.  

And then throw in the incredible increase size of humanity and you have the convergence of two forces that equals awful.

So what to do?  

- Get your status upgraded by your corporate travel department.  You may not always get a yes, but it does not hurt to ask.  Oh, and forget first class - just get one of those premium plus seats.

- Spend a little more.  Honestly, it may be worth it even if it comes out of your own pocket.

- Look around.  Not all seats and not all airplanes and not all airlines are created equal.  Some are better than others.

- Forget about traveling.  Or take the train.  That will be me in a couple of weeks.  and I will write more about that one here.