Do you know what happens when you get old?  Well, rather than focus on the bad things like expanding wastelines, sagging body parts and more pain points on your body, you gain a lot of stuff that is really valuable.  I think that is what Advice is all about.

This past week we launched Advice, a line of business at Topaz that tries to help corporate travel managers and corporate travel departments be better.  Some of it is free - some of it costs money - but in the end the value to corporation should far exceed any costs.  The idea behind it was not that we can offer everything to everyone - but more about being a resource - one that is based on our age.

With age comes wisdom - wisdom of knowledge - wisdom of experience.  This is the foundation of Advice - the idea that we know a little here at Topaz - that our friends in the industry know some things know more than us - and collectively we can help you be the best you can be.  The other foundation of advice is that we are not trying to over charge you for services.

Which leads me to a story.  I was amazed at the variances of fees lawyers would charge - and then I realized that the knowledge and advice may be similar but the fees would vary based on location - usually tied to the rent or cost of having a business in a certain location.  Advice is about value for the service as well - value that says while it may cost $40k or $50k  - it is a lot less that others in the marketplace AND the return you should see as a result of the expense should be very fast.

So do not be scared - you have problems  - we may just have the solution to make it better.  Give any of us a call at Topaz - and give me a call.  We are happy to help!