I think I am officially a believer in the power of social media.  I always believed it - connecting to people and businesses always made sense - helping people find jobs by your using your personal network - but now I think it may be the key to growing a business.

The issue is what I call being genuine.

And this is my rub - I hate being interrupted.  So you can imagine I hate pop ups, I hate being told I have to watch an advertisement before I can watch my content.  And I also hate the idea of claims that are not really true - claims of greatness - claims of results - claims of anything.

But I am going to be out there more  - not on Facebook - but on the business networking websites like LinkedIN - those website were I can be genuine and real and comment on things that deserve to either be supported - or be questioned.

You see, gone are the days of selling - and here now are the days of having a discussion.  Yes, I want to hear about new things like Casper (Mattresses), Harry's (Razors), Plated (Food), Warby Parker (Glasses) and Company Dime (Real News).  These are the guys and gals that get it - that are pushing the envelope - they are transparent - and they are real.  So stay tuned for more of Brad and Topaz - being real!