Starbucks will begin experimenting with drone delivery of your favorite beverage in major metropolitan areas.

Gridlock will again lead the headlines out of Washington where there will be no compromise or advancement of objectives that help out all American citizens.

The ongoing decrease in fuel costs will not be reflected in lower prices for air tickets, but disposable income increases by households will mean more vacations by families in 2015.

There will be an announcement in the middle of 2015 by a large hotel chain who will be experimenting with iris check in upon entry into the lobby area.  

The final four in the college football playoffs at the end of 2015 will be Clemson, Baylor,  Mississippi State, and Oregon.  Sorry Kim.  Your welcome Doug.

Airlines will report record profits at the end of 2015 due to decreasing fuel costs and increasing demand for air travel.

Middle and small travel management companies will find record growth due to their commitment to high levels of service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Uber will double in size because more new customers realize that they do offer something different - and better.

The NY Rangers and Chicago Blackhawks will meet for the Stanley Cup and the Blue Shirts will prevail, bringing the cup to Broadway.

TSA will implement new rules in 2015 including no nips allowed in your one quart liquid bags, all passengers will be required to wear socks, and no outside food can be brought through TSA.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will win the NBA title, but no one really cares anyway.

Topaz will begin services that assist their clients by better managing their data and information that allows easier management of travel programs.  Easier.  Not more difficult.  What a concept.

Google will launch a car service using their self driving cars in seven major US cities.

The ongoing debate and discussion about who will enter the presidential race in 2016 will begin, yet again reducing the ratings for all major news stations because, once again, no one really cares.

Wendy Cofer, our esteemed head of operations at Topaz will finish her first triathlon but will call in sick for two weeks after due to a prolonged recovery period and her inability to walk to her home office.

The NY Mets will surprise everyone by winning the World Series and I will step foot in Shea…..I mean Citi Field for the first time, if someone from Citi would set me up with good tickets.

You will pay more for a rental car that has better gas mileage.  Size of car no longer impacts the cost of the rental car.  Size does not matter…..

One of the three big airlines will experiment - quietly  - with putting additional seats in each row.   Six seats across now becomes seven.  

Satisfaction with the performance of airlines will reach a new low, matching only cable providers.  All issues will be blamed on weather.  Good or bad, it is always mother natures fault.

During the Holiday season next year, Will Farrell will return as Elf to save Christmas yet again by returning to the north pole to make us all laugh yet again.