Dear Readers of the Blog:

Today marks an important day in the life of Topaz.  Yes, it is time to announce that free shipping on all Topaz Products ends today.  Until I send and email tomorrow that says it has been extended one more day.  Then on Wednesday I will share that you need not worry, I have upgraded your shipping for free to expedited shipping, once again all free, so you have nothing to worry about.

Until you wait until the very last minute to get those precious holiday gifts of everything auditing, then the delivery system will break down and your gifts and signs of love for those around you will be sitting in a box in a distribution center somewhere in the midwest.

So now is the time to act - and you can call me directly to make sure your gift of auditing for 2015 does not get lost in the shuffle.  You have money - you can prepay us!  We will happily take your money now (defer it as unearned until next year) and sign you up for the best gift a person can receive.  Yep, that is right, an audit.

Finally, my apologies for being lost and silent for so long.  I am back.