Blog Post by Michele Simon

Are you looking for ways to get the lowest airfares and minimize the fees you pay?  Here are a few suggestions that are pretty basic, but maybe you have forgotten (or do not travel all that much):

  1. Avoid checking bags.  Carry on as much of your luggage as possible to avoid the high baggage fees.
  2. Join an Airline Loyalty Program.  Loyalty programs can provide benefits like waived baggage fees and preferred seating resulting in less fees for better seating options.
  3. Sign up for a airline branded credit card.  Many times the fees of these cards completely offsets waived checked bag fees when traveling as a family.
  4. Don’t call.  Make your reservation online.  Calling the reservation department can average $10 in additional fees.
  5. Avoid changing your ticket.  Make sure the trip you have on the screen is definitely what you want before you hit the buy button.  Changing your ticket can be as much as $150.  Each.
  6. Look at connections.  While we all just want to get to our destination as quick as possible, connecting flights can be cheaper.
  7. Select the middle seat.  While this is generally where no one wants to be this is usually the least expensive seat.
  8. Watch the low cost carriers.  These carriers may not offer as much but can cost you less, however watch the add on fees as your total ticket may end up costing more.
  9. Shop around - aggregators like Kayak do not always capture all the options - and online travel agencies like Travelocity and Expedia do not always have all the available airfares.  It may take time, but it also may lower your overall costs.